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“Before joining the Mastermind training, I felt stuck and overwhelmed. But now... It's been nothing short of amazing. The depth, clarity, and actionable steps have not only reignited my passion but catapulted my notary business to a level I hadn't dreamt of before. Truly a game-changer!”

Monique Mitchell

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to BlueMastermind :: RON Signing Agent Training & Certification -- Part 1

    2. Focusing on Key Leverage Points :: Welcome to BlueMastermind -- Part 2

    3. Overview of the Program :: Welcome to BlueMastermind -- Part 3

    4. Action Checklist :: Welcome to BlueMastermind -- Part 4

    5. Charting the Course Ahead – Part 1

    6. Avoiding Distractions / Establish Foundation :: Charting the Course Ahead – Part 2

    7. Roadmap to Success :: Charting the Course Ahead – Part 3

    8. Consistency is KEY :: Charting the Course Ahead – Part 4

    1. Important Considerations when Switching to Self Employment

    2. Dive into Our Notary Facebook Community

    1. Powering Through the Pit of Despair

    2. Feedback Utilization (from Katie and peers)

    3. Accountability Checklist w/ Partner in Mastermind FB group

    1. Mastering Your Mindset

    2. Mind Shifts I had to Navigate

    3. Immediate Income Resources

    4. Don't Get Blindsided: Common Pitfalls

    1. Fast-tracking NSA & RON Commissions

    2. Legal, ethical requirements, and RON-specific regulations

    3. Step by Step Checklists

    4. Background Check

About this course

  • 148 lessons
  • 7 hours of video content

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    Access to leads database with over 100,000 title companies, signing services, construction companies, credit repair agencies, law firms, and more.

  • BlueNotary Pro Hybrid - 1 Year Subscription

    $324 value

    One year of BlueNotary Pro plan that comes with all the advanced features for everything you need to perform RON transactions and get more business.

  • BlueBricks™

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    Build Your Marketing Website/Funnel Automatically in 15mins (2 months free): Tools to auto-generate your website, blog and lead funnel landing page.

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    Our AI Growth Marketing Tool (2 months of credits): Tools to auto-generate your blog posts using ChatGPT. Auto-generate images to use for those blog posts, too! And seamlessly integrate with BlueBricks so you can post new blogs in a matter of minutes.

  • LIFETIME Digital Certificate and Electronic Seal

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Pricing options


Main components of the offer:

  • Killer Course Content: 62+ videos. 121+ lessons. 1 Certification. Full spectrum notary skillset: RON, Loan Signing, GNW — every document situation explained. Full marketing toolbelt to get clients. Complete inbound leads training to get even more clients. Winners-only support group to share wins and positivity. Intensive 6-week training program. Katie, Andy, and Ty spent over 1000+ hours developing this training with focus on elevating the hard skillset you need for marketing and getting leads, maintaining the soft skillset of a WINNING mindset 100%, and utilizing the tools built by BlueNotary team to educate, accelerate, and ELEVATE your notary business to the NEXT LEVEL. Value: $2000

  • Step-by-step skills training video walk-throughs for nearly every document/form there is! You’ll be confidently prepared for every signing situation. Value: $100+

  • Exclusive Inner Circle Mentorship:Members-only group for students, alumni and other winners. Accountability partners, positive encouragement and coaching, sharing wins and struggles, private work opportunities and leads. Value: $300+

  • Scripts/Templates/Learning Library: Ready-made professional scripts, templates, and checklists developed and used by Katie herself. Everything needed to hit the ground running! Value: $100+

  • Continuous Learning / Updates: You’ll have lifetime access to everything new that we add to this course. Every month we’re adding new content for students to keep up to date with laws, marketing, and growing business effectively. Value: ++

  • Loan Signing Agent Certification: Everything you need to know to confidently witness loan signings. Value: ++

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