Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to BlueNotary: Empowering Notaries with Remote Online Notarizations

    2. Have a Look Around!

    3. BlueNotary Referral Program

    1. How to Upgrade to Pro Hybrid

    2. BlueNotary Pro-Hybrid Fee Structure

    3. How to Create Your Digital Signature

    4. How to Access your Notary Certificates

    5. How to Upload your RON Approval Documentation

    6. How to Obtain Your Exemplar

    7. How to Output a Sample File (Digital Signature, eSeal, and Digital Certificate Included)

    8. Updating your Seal

    9. How to Upload Your eSeal

    10. How to Mark Yourself as a Spanish Speaking Notary

    11. How to Sign up as a Notary BlueNotary

    1. Technical

    2. How to Use the “Observer Feature”

    3. How to Let Client Book Session "My Session Link"

    4. How to Update your Password

    5. How to Add a Blank Page to a Document

    6. Sync Screen Feature

    7. How to Access Video Recordings

    8. How to Save an ID MidSession

    9. How to Pick up an Open Call

    10. How to Drop a Signature for a Signer

    11. How to Access Signed Documents

    12. How to Add a Witness Mid-Session

    13. How to Check Audit Log, "Where is my signer?"

    14. How to Add a Signer MidSession

    15. Tech TroubleShooting

    16. How to Archive your Sessions

    17. Invoice Feature

    18. How to Find Individual Invite Links

    1. How it works

    2. How to Use the Script

    3. Mock Session

    4. Sign On Guide KBA

    5. Sign on Guide Biometrics

    6. How to Enter Date in Session

    7. What a Notarization Will Look Like as a Notary

    8. Demystifying Virtual Notarization: How it works

    1. Every BlueNotary Feature Part 1

    2. Unlock Your Full Potential with Blue Mastermind

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